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x717x Straight Edge Crew
Straight edge - the discipline.
The key to selfliberation is abstinence from
the destructive escapism
of intoxication.
~ Earth Crisis ~

Hey I have been told this site is pretty plain, and I agree!
So if you have any graphics, pictures of shows in our area please e-mail them to
me. Remember this page is here to represent you! Thanks!
E-mail us for more information!
Go here to e-mail me to book a show in our area also! Thanks

The Scene
Information about us and our awesome location in central PA!

The Music
The Music we listen too. With upcoming shows in x717x and other areas also! It also has links, pictures, webrings and
much more!

Go here to view the different webrings we are apart of!

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Or give us ideas. Tell us what you want to see!

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